I absolutely hate it when I have to spend money for no reason.  Especially when it’s my fault!

I’ve been doing laundry on hot water for the past few weeks as the apartment building we’re living in had a bug scare a few months back.  We haven’t seen any ourselves recently, but I’m being cautious!  So I put my laundry in a few hours ago, popped in a few coins and wandered back upstairs.  I came back 40 minutes later to discover a beautiful white cami had turned gray along with several of my white socks!

The culprit?  Myself, for tossing in a new pair of black jeans which had never been washed and dried before.  ARGH.

Unfortunately, this was the result of doing something by habit, instead of doing something purposefully.  Being used to doing a load of mixed laundry on cold water, colour leakage has never been a problem for me.  But had I been purposeful and thinking about the task at hand, I would have been more wary about adding a new pair of dark jeans in with my mixed laundry and hot water.

Now, I will have to spend more time and money getting my white shirt back to being white.  *Sigh*  …