In terms of overall financial health, your net worth is a great indicator of overall success. To calculate your net worth, add up all of your assets (things that are worth money) and subtract your debts (loans, etc). Each month I will share my net worth to help illustrate our financial health.

It’s been just over a year since I started keeping track of my net worth. At first, tallying up all of my assets and tracking down all the money I owed seemed like a big task! Today, I love calculating my net worth each month. More than anything, it is my barometer of financial health. This is where I see all of my hard work actually pay off. Each month, I will share my successes and failures with you to help you along on your journey.

Historical Data

At the beginning of 2010, my net worth was -$14, 978. Ouch. Throughout the year, I made a concerted effort to reach par, and I succeeded, finishing off the year at $3, 079.  Having finally reached a positive number, there was much celebrating!

Here’s how the month broke down for me:


Cash $6,311.61
RRSP $5,865.96
TFSA $1,439.26
Condo $258,0000.00
Personal Assets $500.00
Total Assets $272,116.83


Credit Cards $1,075.45
Family Loan $14,853.57
Student Loan $5,400.91
Mortgage $238,748.64
Total Liabilities $260,078.57

Total Net Worth: $12,036 (+338%)

I should note that while CF and I combine our money for many things (she provided half the down-payment on the condo), we keep our net worth separate. Since the property is in my name, I put the mortgage and value of the property on my net worth. When we buy our second property, she’ll have it on her books.  This is how we do it, but many couples combine their net worth. Check out Couple Money for their version and a look at their combined net worth.