Until very recently, I’ve never had to pay my Medical Services Premium.  It’s always been deducted from my paycheque by my employer.  Before that, as a student, I didn’t make enough money to pay my MSP! But after giving up my full time job this summer to transition into my career-changing internship, I was left without anyone paying my MSP.

It didn’t show up on my radar for months.  I simply didn’t think about it at all and meanwhile, Revenue Services BC (gulp) could not contact me because they did not have my most recent address.  When they finally caught up to me, through a trail of phones calls with incomplete voice mails, tax returns and government ID applications presumably, I was three months behind in payments. (faints)

It was definitely an unexpected, inconvenient and painful mistake – but I dug into my emergency fund and got over it.  I didn’t qualify for premium assistance, based on my previous year’s income, so I began treating and paying my monthly premiums as another bill.  When the MSP letter arrived in the mail each month, I would go online and pay for it.

But just this month, I forgot again!  I called them today to settle it, so I was only about a week and a half late on payment.  However, it is still troubling.  I’m not sure why I can’t seem to manage to pay this bill on time, but I don’t think it’s worth risking my credit score to find out.  So now I’m going to bite the bullet and get the bill automatically deducted from my credit card.  I had hoped to avoid putting it on auto-payment because I’ll eventually have to cancel that payment, but it seems a better alternative to forgetting about it entirely.