It’s snowing outside, the bf is gone till tomorrow, and it’s cold… damn cold.  At least for me.  I blame my tropical ancestors.  After visiting a friend and watching the hockey game, I trudged home in the snow and was dismayed to discover a container of cooked rice of unknown age in the fridge.  *shakes fist*

So it was that at 10pm on a Saturday, I made fried rice.  Take note – if the rice is not moldy, it is fry-able…  🙂

Blog-wise: Now that we’ve gotten a start on posts and whatnot, it’s time to extend some link love.  Here’s a few things I’ve been reading this week:

  • I really like this post on the value of the college degree from Trent at The Simple Dollar.  I definitely agree that the value I got from my undergrad program lay in the experience I gained and the people I met.  Sure, I needed the piece of paper to even consider applying for the job.  But I wouldn’t have had landed the job if not for my experiences outside of the classroom and the people I knew.
  • The bf and I almost always use vacation or apartment rentals when we travel for more than a few days.  We like how it’s more “authentic” and also provides us with amenities such as a kitchen.  Wealth Informatics reminds us to be careful to avoid scams when renting a vacation home.
  • Money Smarts Blog wrote about some useful websites for checking out your financial advisor.  I will definitely be referring to this when I get around to getting my financial situation reviewed.
  • MP Dunleavey guest posts on Get Rich Slowly and explains how the Dow and related stock market indexes came to be.  I’ve always wondered!

All for now -I’m going back to hiding from the cold.  Brr!