Busy week here on the West Coast.  I’ve restarted a science blog I used to run.  What can I say, inflicting pain on myself in the pursuit of knowledge is an itch that just doesn’t go away.  

Meanwhile, Brian has been busy increasing his skill set in his side hobby of wine by taking the first course in a sommelier certification program.  One of our dreams is to one day own a small hobby winery in the Okanagan.  This course is the first of three!  Small steps…

  • Vancouver just got hit with a bit of a cold snap again with temperatures over the last two weeks frequently dropping below zero, though it has been getting warmer.  While some people might run to turn the heater on, I’ve been resisting.  Heating is expensive!  As Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme reminds us, it’s far cheaper and often more comfortable to simply layer up with a few pieces of extra clothing.
  • Ever since moving out on my own, I’ve changed apartments every 1-2 years to get cheaper rent.  This includes the condo that my bf and I own!  Why?  Because as long as I keep moving costs low (usually ~$150 for all) it saves me money.  Free From Broke points out that depending on your situation, moving costs, deposit, and other factors can really add up, making it less worthwhile to move.
  • This post from The Financial Blogger contains a great how-to for goal setting.  It’s a lot harder to rationalize cheating on your goals if you follow these steps.  Best of all, these “rules” for goal setting are applicable to any goal you might set in your life, not just the financial ones.

All for now – hope everyone’s weekend is amazing.