Recently, a new grocery store opened up about 7 blocks away from my apartment.  It’s sort-of-kinda-related-but-not-really to the giant grocery store I go to once a month, but smaller. 

The downsides: The prices are a tad higher for some products and being a smaller store, there is less selection.  They do not have a fresh deli or seafood section.

The upsides: The store is clean… OH SO CLEAN!  There are less people, less children (I’m sorry, but the children at Superstore seem universally hellish), and the service is infinitely better.  I actually had both my cashiers thank me for visiting.  At Superstore, you’re lucky if they even say hello.  I asked a stock boy about a price and he actually investigated it rather than just telling me it “wasn’t in his department”.  And best of all, I can walk there!

Importantly, this means that I can trim more money from my monthly car budget!  Currently, we allocate $200 a month towards using the Car Co-op.  Usually, we only spend ~$150 and have a bit of buffer left over.  We put part of the buffer towards saving up for a car of our own (… if it turns out we ever need one!)  Now, by cutting out one of our longer car trips per month we can safely cut down on our car budget, while still preserving a buffer.

I haven’t made the changes yet – the bf and I will wait another month or two to get a better idea of how much less we’re spending on the car.  Then, we will probably put some of the savings towards our grocery budget to account for the slightly higher prices (only if needed – the prices differences may not affect our budget) and the rest towards a savings or investing goal.

For the convenience factor, it’s a bit disappointing that there isn’t a seafood or deli section, but we don’t usually buy deli or seafood from the grocery store anyways.  We live near several excellent year-round farmers and community markets which have high quality deli meats, breads, cheeses and seafood for sale, so it should not have a negative affect on our shopping. 

Overall, I’m super happy at this new development.  I love my neighbourhood and the new grocery market just makes it even better.