The bf and I are working  on moving our site off WordPress and onto our own domain name and hosting this weekend.  We’ve actually had the domain name for a while, but never got around to it…  Stay tuned!

Onto the new and amazing:

  • Funny About Money talks about the great deals you get at ethnic markets.  I love ethic markets – I do most of my shopping at small markets where I can get whole chickens for $6 and coconut milk for $0.79 a can.  Safeway would charge me $12 for the same chicken and nearly $3 for a can of coconut milk.  I find that rice is especially over priced at Western stores.  I can get 40lbs of rice for $25, typically.  2lbs of rice at Safeway is what, $3.99?
  • Lifehacker is one of my favourite sites.  They posted recently about what to do if you think you’re going to lose your job.  It’s a great list of suggestions for people who are concerned about their job security.  And, it’s not mentioned in the article, but many of the suggestions are also relevant for people who want to leave their jobs.  When I was getting ready to transition from my research job into full time computer science, I did many things like saving up an emergency fund and getting rid of non-essentials.