I had a bad month or so where I was incredibly swamped with writing!  Of course, at the same time, Brian was incredibly swamped with work.  I am exceedingly grateful, of course, but now I’m trying to get myself back on track, setting up a schedule and making sure I set aside time to get all the little things done.

On to the clicky-clicky:

  • A cool new Canadian-made device will soon allow you to control your electronic gadgets from afar, monitor how much electricity each appliance or device is eating up, and allow you to nuke it.  Sustainable, useful, and financially responsible – hopefully it will appeal to the technically-minded out there.  For myself, I am quite happy with the “off” switch on my power bar, but I am glad that the option is out there.
  • You’re bound to get funny looks from family and friends, but it’s important to get into the habit of not spending, as Canadian Dream: Free at 45 discusses.  Staying busy and being engaged really does prevent idle spending.  For myself, this revolves around writing, learning new recipes and going to (usually free!) concerts and events.  But it is true, even when you go out on a “spending” occasion.  For example, the bf and I notice this especially when we go out to the bar with friends.  When we spend less time mindlessly staring at the TV and more time talking to our friends and engaging in conversation, we order less food and fewer drinks.
  • This is actually from a while back, but I never got around to talking about it.  Can you retire on $25,000 or less?  Apparently that’s how much 54% of actual retirees have in savings.  I have that much in student loans alone.  It’s a scary thought, and although PopEconomics points out that most of the people are surviving, I have no intention of spending my days watching hours upon hours of TV.